Thursday, 17 June 2010

Football and Florals

Now the world cup is in full swing. i am quite enjoying the matches. Last week i watched the England game amongst friends. Debbie and Rosie had fashioned England kits and looked so grand in red (debbie makes mention to it on her blog here... you can see a little picture of her kit) . I made a badge to wear in the spirit of things. Eleanor made a Twilight badge, which wasn't really in the spirit of the football, but she has a passion for that so i think it was acceptable. the next game is tomorrow so i will try harder with the costume!

On Sunday we had the Stitch and Beach party.

i like this picture of beach knitting!

It was the same day as the naked bike ride ( There were very many participents (in the cycling, not the knitting). that added a jolly atmosphere to the town.

The weather was good for the party, but unfortunately i think it was more of a picnic, and there was not much motivation for knitting. despite my intentions, I have still not yet finished Robyn's scarf. This is a disappointing performance from me. i was most impressed with Hannah though who showed a lot of dedication sewing up her mittens! they were a gem. she definitely won the gold star for best knitter that day.

There is star knitter Hannah with her mittens, and there is Yumi - she is second place as also showed good determination. (i managed to link to her blog there because i noticed she did that when she mentioned me. i am getting better at blogging from picking up skills like that!)

i wore a grand piece of knitting though - my World War II shawl (it was an ebay win!)

I am auxillery nurse!

The pattern looks as though it is knitted in Garter Stitch, but every fourth row is knitted on a massive needle so it has a lace look. I will give it a go and report back if it works! That is an easy way to get a grand effect if it does.

Also this weekend I was lucky at the remnant table in finding some floral gems.

These have scanned strangely, but this is to give you an idea! Grander in reality. Dresses to follow!

At the time of buying, my plan was to create a triumphant floral and pink maxi extravaganza using the two pink fabrics together, one for bodice and one for skirt. once i started though, i changed my mind. I made the rose bodice, but instead the skirt will be dark blue from some fabric i had hanging around. i think that will be good juxtoposition.

I am unsure of my plans for the other pieces. A tent dress is nice for the warm weather, and I also have my eye (and money) on this gem of a pattern...

it's on ebay so i am in suspense - 1 day and 22 hours to go (come on!)

A lady at work has asked me if i can make her a scrunchie for a wedding. i said 'yih, i can do that'. i like that my skills are recognised. Also she said the wedding is in Switzerland so she will bring me some chocolate for my efforts. that sounds like a fair deal! I like Switzerland football team for beating Spain yesterday. they are the underdog so it is good when that happens.

Yours Florally,
Emilia. xx

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