Sunday, 29 October 2017

Birdy Half Term

Another week - I am not sure where that one has gone? I am feeling in a bit of a muddle at the moment. We had half term but rather than it being a good time to catch up with myself, I feel like I am further behind than ever. I am not exactly looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, but I am looking forward to getting back into our routine. And I think Rose is too - she has been asking to go to nursery for about seven days now. I have made a little bit of winter hat progress you'll be pleased to hear, but despite me telling you specifically to watch this space, I have failed to take a picture. But good things come to those who wait you know. One area I have made good progress though is my costume making tasks. These are not woolly at all, but I have a Moana costume to make for one of Rose's friend's birthday next week and had been a bit in denial about it. I really enjoy making the princess dresses because you can use lovely shiny fabrics and I just have a little dress pattern that works so easily. So Moana is a bit of a diversion from this, and I didn't really know who she was, and I honestly couldn't work out where I was going to start (and making costumes for other people's children is a little bit more stressful than for your own) But now I have started and I feel much happier. I'll let you see next week if it comes out okay!! IMG_8164

And on the sewing theme, I found this amazing child's sewing machine this week - a real gem of a charity shop find. I had a little sewing machine when I was little and my mum gave it to me recently for Rose, but it is probably from the fifties originally and hasn't been used for about 25 years so it's very stiff and dusty. I hope it will be used again, but it is nice to have this little one for Rose to just play with a bit. We haven't tried putting the batteries in yet, but it has a little pedal I am very excited about.

market haul

The week started very grey but we managed a nice outing to East Dean market on Wednesday (it is there every Wednesday if you are local, and it's a good one) I got some lovely veg, including a Romanesco broccoli which I had never tried before. We have enjoyed that for a little change though. The children did some apple bobbing (then they had to bob for a sweet from a plate of flour with their wet faces which was a fun little trick!)


There was a lovely little park at East Dean, in the most amazing setting - with what looked like a forest behind and hills in front and a view up to the Beachy Head lighthouse to the side. It was so nice to be out in the green and fresh air despite the damp.


That afternoon we finally got around to making Rose's invites for her (and Albert's) birthday party. The theme of her whole birthday is Rapunzel (Albert's favourite) and although there was a bit of stress getting the invitations together (she kept getting the faces upside down so they looked like little pacman ghosts) I think this was good team work.


We also managed a really gorgeous crisp sunny beach day at the end which was such a treat. We are really lucky to live where we do. I am hoping that we'll have more days like this and not so much rain now. And hopefully this week will be woollier. Better get to sleep now - it's a school night.

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