Sunday, 15 October 2017

Hens and Hats

Hello friends for another week. I am doing quite well at blogging at the moment. Hurruh hooray! I have been really inspired recently by The Minimalists - I found them as I really love throwing things away these days (I think because children + things = mess ∴ fewer things = less mess (?)) and they do talk about getting rid of 'things' but also about living simply and well and intentionally - which is also very useful advice as I find my time is very limited really between children and housework and going to work, and has inspired me to focus a little bit on using the time I have more productively and focused on what I really love in my life (and less scrolling through facebook and watching zoella vlogs). I think it is working for me. This weekend was a wonderful special one for me as it was my very dear friend's hen do. We had a really lovely day at The India Club, on The Strand. It was a funny little place but so relaxed and quiet - a little gem for central london. The food was amazing and I really recommend this one if you ever find yourself in this part of the world with a rumbling tummy.

hen do homemade hen hatIMG_8046

For my friend 'The Hen' I managed to get a great hen hat (which Rose and Albert both thought was highly amusing) And I had a little bit of fun making some little hen hats for the rest of us and even more fun making everyone wear them. We did get some nice feedback from a fellow diner who liked our hats a lot. Also while we were sitting in the bar we met a very sweet old gentleman who offered to take our photo in our hats, but then took the pictures with his own camera. It was all quite funny and we were all too polite to mention that him using his own camera wasn't helpful to us, but he did soon realise his mistake and used my camera instead (and has emailed my friend with the pictures too). He gave my friend a little Matisse fridge magnet which he had got from an exhibition he had been to that day. That was a nice chap. Also yesterday some wool arrived for another new project. I do need to finish a project soon as my list of outstanding unfinished projects ... but... you know...

rico design essential soft aranwinter hat - knitting a swatch

This wool is for winter hats so some nice small quick knits. I went through a little hat spurt a few years ago and could manage a hat in four hours... possibly I won't be so quick these days but this fills me with hope that this task will be achievable for me. I promised some hats to a friend and her daughter, and thought this would be a good opportunity to make one for myself too as I do like my ears to be warm and I fear the winter will really be here soon enough. I ordered a few balls of Rico Design Essentials Soft Merino Aran in 'cream' (for my friend) and 'medium grey' (for me). It's really lovely wool but unfortunately I don't think the cream is quite what my friend had in mind - it's a little beige really and not so bright - so I think I will go back to my old faithful hat yarn (wendy mode chunky) for those hats, but am excited for my soft merino grey hat (with a cream trim). I have been following a really grand knitting and crochet pattern designer on instagram for a while - her name is Miskunn - have a look - so great - and I really would like to make my own hat in her style. I've started by knitting a little swatch so I'll keep you updated on my progress with hats. I hope all is woolly and well where you are too. xx

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