Sunday, 8 October 2017

Scamping about

This week we've managed to enjoy a little sunshine and it's felt like a little bonus bit of summer even though autumn is definitely upon us now. Was it just me or did it seem like the air actually changed on the 1st of October. We had such an amazing outdoors summer with friends, and we're all trying to hold on to those outings despite rain and school. This week we managed a lovely late afternoon at the beach - it was really really a treat.

Autumn beach afternoon

Today we had a funny trip to the park where Rose decided she wanted to use my camera. I just really want to share some of her best shots. She told me she loves taking photos. I loved looking through afterwards at all the things she had tried to capture. This one of us made me laugh a lot.


In other news, I have been back at work for a month now and finally it is starting to make sense to me again. I was very down about the whole thing to begin with - the separation from Albert made me so sad and work itself was really a struggle. I felt like I burnt myself out just getting us all out of the door in time and arrived at work at 9am feeling like I had done my day's work. It is all coming more naturally now though, and the bags are already packed as I write this. I have even done my hair in advance - now that is what I call pro-mum-organisation-skills (skillz)!

So there is not really much else to report in my  world at the moment. I am working hard on my crochet patterns and putting some tutorials over on Woolapple and hope that I can make some good things to share in the next few months.

And also I am thinking I might start Christmas shopping? Too soon??

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