Sunday, 5 November 2017

And now is november

Hello this week. Another week gone - I really don't have enough time at the moment but wanted to show and tell a little of what is going on. Can you believe it's November already? I am really sad to not be making good progress with woolly projects and bloggy projects at the moment. I fear this may be the way of things until the new year now. ek. But I will try try try to push on with my grand plans.

moana costume

I did have a productive week in other areas though and finished the Moana costume in time for a lovely birthday party on Saturday. I think I used all my skills in this one - even a bonus bit of fabric painting and stencilling and stamping. Unfortunately the costume wasn't for Rose so she got quite cross about this - we managed to talk her into being 'Hawaiian Dora' (the explorer) though, in a rather inferior last minute grass skirt / flower necklace combo - we just about got away with it. Typical the night before Albert had decided to be awake from midnight until 4am (so that's all the good part of the night then) and keep us all awake too (full moon - it can't be coincidence).

hat progress

Here is Sarah's hat as it stands. It's coming along. I need need to get this done because I really need need a hat for meeee. This week ahead I think will be another sewing machine one as I have a Rapunzel dress to make Rose in time for her birthday, and a few clothes for myself as I am really rather lacking in the wardrobe department at the moment after a rather ruthless cull over the summer. oops. And as well as this, we are going to have a look at some schools for Rose! This is an exciting time. Rose and I both have our first choices sussed, mine based on logistics, Rose's based on the uniform.


And I'll just leave you here with a few pictures of the amazing skies and sunsets we've had this week. We are very lucky at this time of year that we can see that from our window. Have a good week xx

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