Friday, 18 May 2018

Blogs blogs everywhere

I have been on a bit of an up and down journey with my blog ever since I had my first baby (who is now a child and not a baby at all - how has this happened?) I found I really lost my blog voice, and the reason was probably really because I had no time to do anything worth blogging about (no one really wants to read about changing nappies and breastfeeding... unless you a new mother and actually these are actually THE most interesting topics ever...)


So feeling a bit lost I started a new blog - woolapple - which was really grand for a bit, but then I had another baby (who also is now not a baby but a rumbustuous toddler - again how this can be is beyond me, I am sure I just gave birth. for the first time) and lost my way with the one too. HA. So rather than start another blog, I have decided to come home to this one.

I am always thinking about how I can maybe create a bit of a business of my own and when I was pregnant with albert, and when he was tiny, I started to get really into amigurumi and then really inspired to design and write my own patterns. I have realised that there is quite a lot that goes into writing crochet patterns - and my head is still a little bit foggy, but I am trying really hard not to give up on that little project. But because I had this little alterior motive with my woolapple name and dreams that I will one day be a really famous knitwear designer and need a really glossy beautiful website (well, maybe...) I have become a bit self conscious there and not really sure what I am meant to write about.

So here I am back over here for all of that! And over there I will just keep it crochet, so do have a look if you like that craft. But that's settled now.

At least until I have another baby (hahahahahahahahahaha- no - no more babies. no more blogs. no no no) (no)

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