Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sailor Socks

I really enjoyed the knitting of socks for mum as I found them much more fun than socks I had knitted in the past (my minimal sock knitting past) I think because the lace design was a lovely one and also because I really enjoy it when I am surprised by a pattern - sometimes the engineering (not sure if it's the right word) of the thing is really clever and it's not until i've finish that i realise how it all comes together (possibly a symptom of my weak shape visualisation ability) 

And so I decided to have a go at another pair as a small project to end my holiday and to use up a bit of some wool from my stash. 

And now they are finished!

It's nice to be doing some smaller projects at the moment as there is not much room left in my drawer for cardigans and jumpers! These are a good distraction for a bit.

Yours land ahoy,
Sock. xx

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