Sunday, 24 February 2013

third time lucky

Last week there was a hint of the spring, but now the chill has struck us again i am pleased i am knitting a lovely and warm cardigan.

I decided to go for another knit up of the supersoft lace yoke cardigan, first created last january (here) in black angora, and then again in december (here) in cream and sparkly for Jess' wedding. Now i am using the beautiful Rowan Colourspun I received for christmas to make my third version. it is really grand to have found a pattern i love and trust to be a gem and i can't wait to be wearing it.

colourspun cardi 2
here we are - rowan colour spun in colourway 'semer water' 276 - lovely greys and blues and purples

I am getting there now. i hope that i can finish soon as i think it will be a good one in these cold times. it feels like it's going to be very snug - just what's needed.

emilia. xx

colourspun cardi 1

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Wedding Toile

Now I am focusing my dressmaking energy on the ultimate indulgent project - my wedding dress! (YES!)

This weekend Rich went to visit his mum so i was able to make my toile. And i am very excited now. The pattern i've chosen is perfect (except that there were two quite important pieces missing, but I have found a replacement for those so panic is over!)

wedding dress toile 1

I can't really show you any pictures yet though. it's a secret! but i will be able to share more come June.

This has been so useful to me too as as really made me think about the fabric i need. I am learning a lot about the qualities of the different silks. And after much poring over my samples i have finally made up my mind regarding the lace! I think that is the hardest part over now - it was quite overwhelming at times, but know i have done my mock-up, i am certain of my choice.

lace samples
(these are a few of the samples - all so beautiful)

All this has made me so excited.

yours, emilia bride. xx