Monday, 7 June 2010

I went camping

YES! i have the internet! now i am writing this from my own home, and not from my office. this is a great improvement!

My weekend was an ever so long and great one.

On friday i had the day off from work, and so i decided that i would get up early and make a dress. it went well and only took a couple of hours and not so much effort. it was quite a joy, except for a small period where i started sewing things the wrong way round and forgot which bit to sew the zip into. i blame those hitches on being too keen and dressmaking before a cup of tea.

here i am in the finished result. i enjoyed sewing on the embellishments. double bows - the way forward! the buttons are sweet peach coloured flowers from the riverside. they have a very pleasing selection of buttons there.

I got to model my dress at the Lewes Psychadelic Festival. it was fitting i think. i had a conversation with some men about the rarity of paisley shirts in charity shops (in any shops i think) i told them about how i had made a dress from a man's shirt, and they said never cut up a paisley one as they are a rare breed indeed. let that be a lesson. my dress isn't paisley, but it's busy.

Then i also got to wear my dress to the camping trip! that is also fitting because it is a tent dress. here is a picture of the day we went on a walk on the farm and in the woods.

in the evening we had a barbeque and also a fire to toast the marshmallows. there was a bit of a thunder storm, but it was in the distance. that was a bit of drama as it approached though. we heard the rumble and the fire blew out and we decided to get to our tents for the night. i slept very well that night.

 it was an amazing experience to stay on a farm and very educational and eye opening for me. the farm belongs to a friend of Rosie's mum's and he grows so much fruit and vegetables and sells them to Bills and Tescos and markets. it was amazing to see so many trees and bushes. and amazing to think how much hard work it must take to run a farm. also there were some brown chickens there and i never realised before how fluffy their bottoms are. that must be to help keep the eggs warm to help them hatch i expect. 

This is the farmer. his name is Farmer Love. he was so kind to us.

And this is Derek as a farmer. i like this picture so much. i hope he doesn't mind too much to be on my blog. 

i must credit Rosie and Sam for these pictures which i have just snaffled from facebook. i only took one photo. that is of Debbie and Yumi at Polgate station. 

This was a good experience, and good preparation for Latitude.

Ready. xx

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d e b b i e said...

GREAT camping trip emily dear!
And a nice little blog we have here too...
more camping soon please. xx