Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Knit 1 Purl 1 Snow 1

I finished my snow day jumper (as i now call it) my Rowan Lombard
I am so very pleased with this one. What a gem.

crooked buttons (boxing day sherry)


Emilia xxx

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Not Just For Christmas

Now it is boxing day! this is hard to believe. i spent quite a lot of christmas day asleep because of my cold. but it was a lovely time all the same.

And now i can tell you about a small bit of knitting i did for a christmas present for Rich (it was a secret so as not to ruin the surprise) since the christmas of 2008, i now keep handmade christmas presents to a minimum (that was a very stressful time, and i still ended up buying far too much) but it is nice to do one or two little things.

 This is tofu. He is a dachshund that i have knitted. i think a dachshund is the perfect animal for Rich because they have a similar sort of a face. That is the friendly face but a bit like a scamp.

 here is Richard
 here is a dachshund at a similar angle to show you what i mean

I found this pattern on etsy from a lady called Rebecca Danger. This was really good as that day i was snowed in and this was a good project for me. Also good things are that the pattern is so cute and also the exchange rate is such that this was a real bargain. and she was very quick to email me with the pattern too.

here are the originals, i thought this looked like a lovely one to make. 

Now today i think is a day of rest and recuperation before some more eating this evening. I am nearing completion of my snow day jumper now - not quite in time for christmas - but i am going to make the most of boxing day telly to get in some quality knitting time (i hope there are some comedy christmas specials).

Yours merrily,
Emirry. xxx

ps. i have got a new camera now so maybe the quality of my photography will improve (but maybe it is not that simple?!)

ps. i have also got some new mice!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow day, Knit day

This was the scene for me when i woke up this morning:

everything looks so soft

And so there is no work for me today. i like it when there is a bit os disruption like this. Especially when it is early in the morning and I can snooze.

And also it means i can spend the whole day doing some knitting and not feel guilty. Let me introduce my latest project:

My mum has knitted one of these and it has been on my agenda for a little while. I thought it was time to commit myself to follow a pattern and so this one is called Lombard from the Nostalgia section of Rowan book number 44. There are a few good patterns there! I have decided to use the same colour as she is pictured in here which is called Eau de Nil. I would like to have it ready to wear over christmas but this might be a bit ambitious especially as it is a busy time. I am hoping that today will give me a good head start though (and maybe tomorrow too, weather permitting!)

Yours making the most of adverse conditions,
Emilia. xxx


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Now it is December

Today we had a lot of snow in my neck of the woods. it disrupted my journey home quite badly last night and left me with not enough time for steaming my christmas pudding before bedtime. Luckily though today i left work early due to transport concerns and finished the mixing.

i am not sure if this looks appetising or not. it smelled very good though! 

Now it is steaming and only has fifteen minutes left. Because i reduced the amounts to make a 2 pint pudding, i am only steaming it for 4 hours rather than 5 (Nigella suggests this is appropriate). Then it will only (only!) need another 3 hours on the day of consumption!

There was a nice twist of fate this week too which meant that i got a sixpence in my change (i am not sure where from though and think probably it was magicked into my purse) and so i cleaned it in a bit of ketchup and wrapped in foil and mixed it in. Whoever finds that will have good fortune (unless they don't notice until it is too late!)

In other news, I did put last night to good use and managed to finish a wooly boble hat to match my shawl scarf. i thought that was a very good use of my time, and it certainly kept me warm today.

photo quality =very poor, but it is cable knit and i used the same pattern as on my cardigan.

Also it is December and the month of chocolates for breakfast. i have two advent calendars and this morning got a chocolate reindeer in one, and a funsize pack of maltesers in the other. i like this month already!

Now i must check on my pudding, but I will leave you with this nice picture my sister took of some gulls on the church roof. little bit of snow there!

Yours feeling christmasy,
Emilia. xxxx