Monday, 2 January 2012

new year, no fear

And just like that - it's a brand new year!

I am really feeling refreshed for a new year of making - I am pleased to have finished such a glut of things before the end of last year. The last couple of days I have even given myself a really big push on my cardigan, and look - nearly there:

Just a little sewing up and knitting the neck band. And sewing on the little gems of buttons I have:

Little pearls - a very lovely gift from Eleanor for christmas. They are going to be the perfect finishing touch I think.

I am excited about this.

And it has me thinking about the year ahead. I have a few craft related resolutions for the year...

1. To hand make all of my new clothes. I have given this idea a lot of consideration and really feel like I am up for the challenge. I do make a lot of my clothes myself, and never really need to buy skirts or knitwear anymore and I just feel like it will be a nice thing to attempt. I think it will also push me to try some new things, especially t-shirts and blouses. I am not sure how realistic it is to think i can keep this up for the whole year, but I am really keen to see how long I can go for.

2. To do some fairisle knitting. This is a skill I am not so sure of but really love the effect. I did have a small attempt for Jemima's cardigan but I think it's time for another go. It also will be a good opportunity to use up some of my wool stash I think.

3. Do some wool recycling. Another wool stash related one is that I would like to reknit at least one of my failed projects. I have quite a few things I have knitted and they've not quite turned out the right way and really would like to reuse the wool. If I can do at least one of those I will be very pleased.

4. My sampler. I really would like to make some progress on my cross stitch - a challenge from this time last year. It was on my list before christmas but is still untouched. I would really like to make some good progress this year though.

Very much to keep me busy! I enjoy making resolutions. I am looking forward to this year ahead.

Yours knitting pretty,
Emilia. xxx

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