Saturday, 31 March 2012

Mist Cardigan

I have been getting on quietly with my knitting, and really happy that my little recycling project is now complete!

The wool was quite distorted from having been knitted before, it had lost some of it's fluff and was more stretched and spindly than when it was new and so i had to treat it more like DK than Aran as it had originally been. This knitting is much tighter than before and so the wool didn't go quite as far (and also because i lost some in the unpicking process) but i think it means the colours are more blended and i had the perfect amount for this little short sleeved cardigan -a very economical pattern.

I love the collar! i think i will have to make more collared cardigans.

I have already started my next project which has a lot in common with this one! more soon!

Also i have joined in with pinterest. i am enjoying that a lot - what a good idea.

Yours another knit knitted,
Emilia. xxx

ps. i have also got three new friends - i will try to show them to you soon, but they are very small and quick.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day

For mother's day, as last year, i made a simnel cake for my mum. She is a master cake maker, but i don't think it's often she has a cake made for her so it's nice to give a sweet treat.

This year i didn't grill it though. i think it made a more attractive cake that way.

I was a little absent minded and forgot to add the mixed spice and ground ginger, but it is packed full of dried fruits and crystallised ginger so i hope will still be a tasty delight. I will wait for the verdict (or maybe i will get to sample a small slice myself!)

Happy Mothers Day Mum!

yours lovingly,
Emily. xxx

Sunday, 11 March 2012

stag, bird and acorns

This week i have made very good progress with my sampler and have found it very pleasing to work this section. 


Friday, 9 March 2012

Spring collection from Linton

After my very busy costume making times, i was a little worried i might get dressmaking withdrawal (this is a true reason) and so decided it was definitely time to treat myself to a little bit more linton fabric. This is so exciting for me!

I have to admit i was a little bit impulsive, but it was only because I saw this amazing herringbone fabric:

I loved it so much and didn't want it to all be sold before i came back to it so just decided i would have to buy some immediately.

But then there is the problem that i do like to buy my fabrics in batches (because of the postage factor really. and the wow factor when i open the parcel) I had a sample of this blue and cream fabric which i thought would be lovely for a spring dress. It's so luminescent and beautiful colours, i think it will make a gem.

I thought also that it would be nice to try to find something a little summery (it was a lovely sunny day last weekend) and found this cream and ecru cotton fabric. I still have in mind the Coco Chanel philosophy on black and white (but nervous of true white!). It does look plain I know, but as ever the drape is perfect and there's such a lovely quality to it, I am really happy i chose it. It looks woolier in the picture than it is in real life - i think it's quite suitable for a summer dress. I only hope i am able to make such a light coloured garment i love to wear.

I had an email from linton tweeds. it is their 100th birthday and so they are celebrating with a photo album on their website and on their facebook page for people to send in pictures of things they've made with their fabrics. Maybe you will spot me in there! I am enjoying seeing all the pictures as they appear. I think my items are quite casual compared with the others - i think a lot of best dresses are made with linton fabrics- there's even a linton wedding dress!

also i am very excited about a mousey development.

Yours ready for a little dressmaking this weekend,
Emilia. xx

Monday, 5 March 2012

little sprouts

I am so pleased, my tomato seeds have started to peek through the soil. After just 5 days there were two little signs of life and after a week I have uncovered them and here is the picture:

three small sproutlings!

I have turned the pot round as there are still two seeds in there, but i think perhaps they have been a little more in the shade (although maybe that won't make a difference as they are underground)

Yours shooting,
Emilia. xx

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Yesterday we went to the V&A and I was so inspired by the amazing embroideries in the India rooms. It was a new year's resolution to pick up my sampler again and today I have been busy with some cross stitch trees (i know it's not quite the same). you can see i had started them in my last update, and now they are complete:

This project will really be such a beauty when complete. I hope i can keep up with some stitching a little more now.

Also i will mention we saw the most amazing cape there too - spun from spider silk. it was like fabric gold. There are a few good exhibitions coming up there - I was especially excited to see there is one of Ballgowns starting in May. We saw the Cecil Beaton pictures of the queen, there were some real gems in there. 

I used the word 'there' a bit too many times there.

Yours up a tree, s.t.i.t.c.h.i.n.g

Emilia. xxx

Friday, 2 March 2012


Last week on Sunday it was my friend Hayley's birthday.

As she had given me such an amazing christmas gift - the book of vintage knits i took my supersoft angora cardigan from - i decided to surprise her with a little knit taken from its pages.

I spotted the pattern for this little collar - a lovely addition to any outfit!

I used some rowan belle organic - wool and cotton blend - perfect for this little project. If you like this one, you should also take a peek at Debbie's crocheted collars - lovely ones.

I hope you had a lovely birthday Hayley,

yours ,
Emilia. xx

now i would like one of these