Sunday, 20 November 2011

Crochet Items for your home

This morning i have been busy listing some more items in my shop. I was overjoyed last week because I sold my first item - the lovely gloves. They are going to be a christmas present - wonderful!

I was very happy about it, but my shop was looking very bare, so i thought it was time to put some more things there. I had done some crochet a little while ago, but hadn't got around to taking some photos and writing some descriptions. I am finding it hard now the evenings are dark - I don't like to use the flash.

But here I just want to share some of the pictures of the finished items:

I love them all as they're so bright. The items are a set of greek cross square coasters, a set of granny square coasters and a popcorn stitch teacosy. The teacosy is so wonderful! I will be happy if no one buys it so i can keep it myself. Such a bobbly delight (but i will happy if they do as well as it is nice to share)

And here is another thing to tick off of my list. Now i just want to go back to crocheting squares, but i think i should wait until the new year before making more shop items as there is still much to do. I have started making some little christmas gifts too as inspired by this blog the Crafty Christmas Club blog. It's lovely to see all the handmade presents!

Yours busily,
Emilia. xxx

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Last week we were given this chair which my dad rescued from his friend's garage.

well - you might be asking why - but it is really a lovely retro design - little swivel egg chair. it just had got covered in oil and paint and holes.

But i like a challenge and decided to try a spot of reupholstering. 

(this might be a picture of the wrong side of the fabric!)

i got a very large piece of this fabric, which i hoped was in the spirit of the original and was suitable for the task (and because rich wanted it blue and nothing flamboyant. although i had fun imagining all the possibilities) and set about tucking and pinning.

Here it is in an early stage to try to demonstrate what i did. the fabric had a really good drape and a slightly loose weave so moulded really well over the curves of the chair. I just pinned it in place and set about hand stitching all the seams.

And here is the finished chair! Perfect for guitar playing and knitting alike.

I am so proud of this chair. i have never tried any upholstering before so am feeling very triumphant. And feel like this was a good job of recycling and saving a nice old chair.

and one thing ticked off my list

Yours sitting comfortably,
Emilia. xx

Blooming Marvellous

The paperwhites have bloomed!!

They have been in flower for most of the week now, but it's hard these days to be at home in natural light to take any photos. They are really adding a touch of spring to the place, and although i was at first quite worried about the scent (i have heard mixed reviews) it has mellowed now and very pleasant. Rich says it smells like custard.

They were so quick growing - just a month from planting to now. I am not really sure what will happen next. I have heard that it takes a long time for the bulbs to recover after flowering so might be a long time before they can grow again.

Yesterday i bought a little pot of hyacinth bulbs as i love these ones. They are already planted and growing so they too may flower soon too! I have gone mad - i know - but i very much enjoyed my bulb growing experience. It's so nice to be able to grow flowers even without having a garden.

Yours florally,
Emilia. xxxx

Saturday, 5 November 2011


I can't believe it. November. wow.

I am setting myself a challenge to complete my outstanding projects by the end of the year. I think it will be good to clear the air for starting lots of new projects next year. And also because i hate having things unfinished so long term.

I only hope this is a realistic challenge.

Here are the unfinished things:

My quilt: Well - this was a project from very early in the year - i have got further with it than i've reported here - the borders and backing are on and wadding within - it is just the stitching along all the lines (in the ditch that's called!) I think this one was shelved when i realised it wasn't all so straight, but when i got it out recently, i realised it's not actually noticable that it's not straight, and that it's going to be a real delight. Also i loved Alexis' wonky quilt so am embracing the wonkiness!

My blanket: is another one from the start of the year, but this does grow so fast - it is just making sure i pick it up and do some. I am really happy with how it looks though - and it'll be good to finish it so that there is a clear space next to my bed!

My Cardigan: what a slow one this has been. I began in the summer and have just started the second front. Still sleeves to go, but i think all i need is some focus. i know that i have done some nice things inbetween so i don't mind that this is still not finished - but i would really love to wear it soon!

My Skirt: i am not worried about finishing this, as progress is good with my classes. but i thought i would put it on my list. The black skirt i was planning to make has sort of lost focus though so i think that might be a good one to push for.

My Squares: are more or less finished. and a teacosy for my shop. i just need to put them up for sale!

My Sampler: Is the one thing which i know i am not going to finish - it's so time consuming. However - it has been quite a long time since i picked it up and I would like that to change at the very least.

My Chair: i haven't mentioned, but i am reupholstering a chair which was rescued from a garage. it's looking lovely, but it has been sitting unfinished for a week... wait and see.

My new handbag: i bought a clasp to make myself a new handbag. i am using the fabric from a very old handbag to recycle. it is in progress, but another yet to finish!

Now i think this is everything. I really hope so!
We have 8 weeks left of this year... and 9 weekends including this one.

better get up!

Emilia. xxxx