Monday, 28 May 2012

Robe d'été

Now the sun is shining and it is the season of summer dresses! I bought some fabric quite a while ago but just waiting for the right time!

I created this dress pattern based on one of my nighties and really pleased how well it worked out - my first attempt at a yoke design.

At the moment I am seeing if i can create some patterns in standard sizes to maybe be able to make some items to sell in my shop (i am not a very attentive shop keeper i fear!) I was pleased with this one so maybe a good start!

But for now i am mostly focussing my attention on enjoying the weather while it lasts. icecream anyone?

Yours summerly,
Emily. xx

here i am with the tomatoes - an update is due on those - they are massive and with small tomato bobbles now!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Diamond Dream

Now it is nearly june, and nearly six months since i bought something to wear. This challenge is going very well for me i think, but i did have one very hard moment a couple of weeks back when i saw a lovely blue cardigan at the market. that was the closest i came to breaking - but i resisted and my friend Eleanor bought the cardigan so that made it much easier to let it go.

But this encounter was just the inspiration i needed to break my knitters block. I have been suffering from this condition for a few weeks, since finishing the back of my feather and fan recycled cardigan. it was hard to get to the end of that piece and then i couldn't quite bring myself to start the front. 

So i didn't feel bad to buy some blue to make my cardigan dream come true.

I am using some Peter Pan DK for this project. a perfect shade and very soft and economical.

The original cardigan had some lace pattern panels and lace cuffs and a collar. That's all i can really remember which i think is probably good so that it is not exactly the same as the one Eleanor has. 

I started off with a moss stitch border and then I found this wonderful diamond lace and moss stitch pattern in my pattern book (book featured here!) It says it is difficulty level 'experienced' but i have found it quite straightforward really. 

And now it is all coming together nicely and i am really making good progress:

I like diamonds at the moment, with my diamond dress and the diamond jubilee and now my diamond knitting.

I hope to be able to update you with a finished item quite soon!

Much love,
Diamond geezer. xxxx

Friday, 18 May 2012

Mouse stop

My friend debbie (quite) recently crocheted this amazing doorstop. A mouse! I love it so much. 

All of our doors need doorstops, and i really love mice so i thought this would be a good addition to our home too. 

And i wasn't wrong - a lovely face he has: 

Here is my version. he looks quite different from debbie's (even though i copied her blue ear design) and from the one in the pattern. I like all the varieties.

He looks so lovely next to our door, but unfortunately he is not heavy enough to hold it:

Debbie used a kilo of rice in hers. mine just has 500g of pearl barley which i fear is not enough.

You can make a mouse using the pattern - it's a free one from Lion Brand and you can click here for that.

And this was a good project for me as i fear i have knitters block! More on this serious condition in my next installment.

That's all for now from me and mouse,
Dora x

Friday, 4 May 2012


Something i do quite miss about not buying clothes at the moment is the pleasing feeling of finding a gem after a good old rummage in the charity shops. 

So imagine my delight when i uncovered a large piece of berry pink flecked fabric whilst on a little charity shop shop (now i just look for plant pots and teaspoons). it was such a lovely shade, and a real steal - i couldn't resist.


As the fabric was quite a flimsy one i decided an A line skirt would be best, but was delighted to realise that there was enough fabric leftover to make a matching top. A two piece (a toosie?)

I created the pattern for my top from my easy fit block. I think this would be a good basis for an easy fit shift dress in the future.

I really enjoy wearing this outfit. It's so seventies, but i think in a good way.

And speaking of the seventies, this afternoon i purchased this fabric from etsy:

It's coming from america, but i am really hoping it will arrive in time for me to make a jubilee dress. i think it will be ideal - red, white, blue and gold. i really want something with a frill. festive. 

Yours berry nicely,
Emilia. xxx