Friday, 2 July 2010

Daisy Stitched

I am triumphant - what joy. the daisy stitch scarf is complete. and a wonderful thing to behold.
i am so pleased with it. The texture is lovely, and although it was a worry to me, i think i have achieved the perfect length. That was a problem, as it is such a heavy weight one, it needed to be longer than i first thought to be able to tie and wrap. I really like how it looks tied in a knot like this. I think i would like one of these for winter.

Here is the pattern so you can try to make one yourself if you like (i am sorry if the pattern is difficult to understand. i didn't realise they were so hard to write. i have new respect for knitting pattern authors and will never again criticise when i get confused)

Daisy Stitch Scarf an original pattern by EmiliaBird

I used 6mm needles and Wendy Mode Chunky wool (on my scarf i used navy, and then doubled up some lilac DK for the border using a separate ball for each edge)

Abbreviations I have used:
  • Daisy st. = daisy stitch (Daisy stitch: Purl 3 together, but do not let the 3 stitches fall from Left Hand needle, wind yarn around Right Hand needle over top and back to front again, then purl the same 3 stitches together again and let fall from needle) - taken from - or there is this tutorial in case it helps...
  • K1fb = make a stitch by knitting into the front and then again into the back of one stitch
  • k2tog = knit 2 together (to decrease)
  • BC and MC – border colour and main colour
  • k = knit
  • p = purl (of course)
  • sts = stitches

Cast on 3 with BC
1st row: k1, k1fb, k1
2nd row: k1fb x 2, k1, k1fb (7 sts)
3rd row: k2, daisy st, k2
4th row: k1fb x 2, k 3, k1fb x2 (11sts)
5th row: k2, daisy st, k1, daisy st, k2
6th row: k1fb x 2, k2 in BC; k3 in MC; k2 , k1fb x 2 in BC (picking up the second ball)(15sts)
7th row: k2, daisy st, k1 in BC; daisy st in MC ; k1, daisy st,k2 in BC
8th row: k1fb x 2, k2 in BC; k to last 4 in MC; k2, k1fb x 2 in BC (19sts)
9th row: k2, daisy, k1 in BC; daisy *k1, daisy* (repeat between *s to last six) in MC; k1, daisy, k2 in BC
10th row: As 8th (23sts)
11th row: As 9th

12th – 24th rows – continue to repeat rows 8 and 9 (51sts)

25th row: k1, daisy, k2 in BC; daisy, *k1, daisy* (repeat between * to last 6) in MC; k2, daisy, k1 in BC
26th row: k6 in BC; K39 in MC; k6 in BC
27th row: k1, p1, k1, daisy in BC; k2, *daisy, k1* (repeat between * to last 7) k1 in MC; daisy, k1, p1, k1 in BC
28th row: as 26th

Repeat rows 25 – 28 until approximately 220 straight rows have been completed

To decrease, work backwards from row 24, changing k1fb, to k2tog.

(my scarf was 50" long, including the shaped ends)

I have drawn out the chart in case this is easier to understand all the increasing! (click to enlarge)

Then for finishing touches all you need to do is add the pom poms.

I wish you luck if you endeavour to make this scarf. not only luck for understanding the pattern, but also because daisy stitch is quite hard work i found. But i also found it is a gem and definitely all worth it in the end.

Delightedly yours,
Emilia. xxxx

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d e b b i e said...

nice pompoms!!!
And good work on the pattern. I've tried writing one before but it just confused me terribly x