Sunday, 17 February 2013

Wedding Toile

Now I am focusing my dressmaking energy on the ultimate indulgent project - my wedding dress! (YES!)

This weekend Rich went to visit his mum so i was able to make my toile. And i am very excited now. The pattern i've chosen is perfect (except that there were two quite important pieces missing, but I have found a replacement for those so panic is over!)

wedding dress toile 1

I can't really show you any pictures yet though. it's a secret! but i will be able to share more come June.

This has been so useful to me too as as really made me think about the fabric i need. I am learning a lot about the qualities of the different silks. And after much poring over my samples i have finally made up my mind regarding the lace! I think that is the hardest part over now - it was quite overwhelming at times, but know i have done my mock-up, i am certain of my choice.

lace samples
(these are a few of the samples - all so beautiful)

All this has made me so excited.

yours, emilia bride. xx

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Catherine Clarke said...

WOW soo exciting! I love the lace, i hope it goes well :) xxx