Tuesday, 21 September 2010

First Class

Last night i went to my first evening class. I have signed up for pattern cutting with City College. I was quite nervous but it was really grand once we had all said hello to each other. There is a really nice mixture of people i think, and everyone has different experiences and different ambitions so it will be really nice to be working with them to see what they do. I think their designs will be something quite different to mine so it is exciting.

Our teacher is called Julia and she is really nice and i think will be a good teacher. She showed us some sketchbooks that she did when she took courses. I would like to keep on of those. I have a scrapbook where i like to keep pictures i see, but i never do sketching. This will be a good skill to develop. I think i will study Fifi Lapin more closely for good drawing techniques. Perhaps i will ask Deb to help me with watercolours!

j'adore la lapin

Last night i learnt about some new equipment, like a tracing wheel and a pattern master. i am looking forward to getting my hands on those. Also we took some measurements in preparation.

this is a pattern master to help draw on seam allowances and draw curves

The course is for a whole academic year and the first term is devoted to skirts. i am happy about this. The first step is to learn how to use our measurements to make a basic silhouette. i think this will be our task for the next couple of weeks. Then after that we will learn to adapt the basic shape to make up our own designs. I have started some research on this but can never make up my mind. it will be fun to do proper designing instead of just freestyling!

Sorry Vogue Easy Options pattern 8363, it is time to move on

farewell my trusty friend

Yours studiously,

Emilia. xx

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