Monday, 6 August 2012

Bacall - i have been knitting!

It was ages since my last update - but i fear i am well and truely in holiday mode and avoiding the computer in favour of my sewing machine (or the beach)

But  now i have started and finished a new project for knitting!! It is from the same series of patterns and my dietrich cardigan and my lombard jumper. This one is called Bacall, after the american film star Lauren Bacall. It is a lovely short sleeved bolero style and you can get the pattern here for free!

This was a great project for me to help me ease out of my knitters block. It's knitted on quite big needles and has short sleeves so was quite an easy knit and a good one for the summer, nice to have a short sleeve for my jumper drawer.

I just needed 4 balls of rowan kid classic which is a mohair and lambswool blend. i chose the colour Tattoo - a nice dark blue-green. The colour of tattoo ink i suppose. this was EXACTLY the right amount of wool - not an inch to spare!

and here is my finished item...

very lovely.

and i hope this is just the start of a great number of holiday updates! sorry about that!

love in mohair,
emilia. xxxx

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