Friday, 8 March 2013


As you might be able to tell, i am in full wedding mode at the moment and very much enjoying all the opportunities for beautiful projects! Although our wedding will be in June, i really can't ever leave the house without a cardi, especially if i am going to be out into the evening! And so i thought it an essential task to knit myself a woollen for this occassion.

It has been quite a marathon to find a pattern for this project - i think i spent longer on this than even finding my dress pattern! To begin with i saw some beautiful bolero type cardigans,  but I had to think of the dress and what would go best. and also they didn't really look all so warm (this is the good thing about looking for a pattern in february - you are a good judge of what will be snug) so i thought the best thing for style and practicality would be a neat fitting waist length cardigan that i could button up for warmth if needed.

So that narrowed it down a little, but then i decided  I wanted something lacy because that is the prettiest. I knitted so many samples from my knitting stitch book, and scoured the internet for all patterns. I think i was being very fussy!!

lingerie socks

Then i came across this pattern. For a sock (this one is called Lingerie and is by Maria Naslund, available on Ravelry) Such a pretty one!  This was the lace i was searching for! just not quite the right garment. Although i was worried i was making life very difficult for myself i decided to have a go at transplanting (right word?) the lace designs in the sock onto a cardigan pattern. It was quite tricky working out the number of stitches i needed but now i have got myself set up it is quite straightforward to use the charts in the sock pattern. I've had to do a couple of alterations to the pattern as the cardigan doesn't have the same shapings as the sock, but I am hopeful!

The wool i am using is quite a plain one. i had always thought i would want to really splurge and use a silk or cashmere, but when it came to it, i felt it would look sweeter to have something simple and a bit woolly and i got some lovely cream merino wool 4ply from blacksheep yarns (i recommend this supplier for some very good prices and some lovely wools)


Here is a glimpse at the beginnings. i don't want to give too much away, but also i am very pleased with how it is going and not very good at being secretive. Rich has seen this much too so i don't need to worry about him stumbling across this picture. As it grows though i know i should try to be a bit more mysterious.

yours laced up (finally!),
emilia. xxx

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Catherine Clarke said...

It's gorgeous! Your so clever xx