Monday, 1 April 2013

an exciting delivery

so i should fill you in on the latest of dressmaking activity over the past couple of weeks.

It all began when this enormous parcel arrived for me!
What could it be (i already knew!)
my wedding dress fabric! sent on the rolls. How special is THAT?

And just in good time too. Rich went to Southend-on-sea-on-Saturday and it gave me a really good long run of wedding dress making.

It took me quite a long time to get started (i think perhaps some subconscious fear) but i had a lot of fun unwrapping the fabric and draping it about (i am very pleased with my fabric choices - it took a lot of thought to work out what to choose but my 'less is more' theory paid off)  I had to make a small adjustment to the paper pattern as the toile had highlighted a bit of bagginess in the bodice and this seemed like a real chore to start, but once i got into the swing of it i really managed to get a lot done- much more than i first hoped.

Then i had a panic when i realised Rich would be home soon, so here is headless Harriet with a duvet over her and strict warning:


I don't think Rich will peek though. He is very trustworthy.

I will be very excited to reveal this project. Only 10 more weeks... uh... oh.....

x  x x x

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Yumi said...

Congratulations Emily!! Exciting news!!