Friday, 17 May 2013

Knit take 2

So - I have had a busy few weeks and so an update is very overdue!

I have been making all sorts of things to contribute to our wedding - which is just THREE weeks away now. That's not very long! My dress is not quite finished due to the need for some unexpected alterations (more on this another day) - but I am quite confident again (tomorrow Rich is out from dawn until dusk and so a good chance for me to concentrate!)

The one project which i have been most worrying about is my cardigan.

I introduced this project back in March, and was very pleased with myself - but as i got further into it i realised that i wasn't really happy with it. I got quite far and nearly finished the back, but i just started to feel that it was a bit too fussy, and not really what i wanted, and i was really having trouble imagining the finished item.


Here you can see my progress. But my doubt was too strong, and so after much turmoil I decided to start again (gulp!)

This time i was much clearer that with my dress the best complimentary item would be something sweet, but just something plain so the dress can be the shining star. I didn't really have the time to search too far and wide, but this might have helped me to not get too carried away and I was very very pleased to find this charming lovely pattern:

fetching and very feminine - destined to be one of your best loved knits!


I am getting there now - but I have had my doubts over the last few weeks when i have assessed the scale of the task and my looming deadline, and taken into account my other tasks. But now i just have the final front piece to finish and feel like maybe it will be okay!


I hope i will have some good news about this one very soon!
yours, knitter on a deadline,
Emilia  xxxx

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I've just came to you blog for I was searching for something about Linton Tweed, and there you had a post about it (in 2011). But I browsed through the rest of the blog as well, and I must say I'm very impressed by what you make :-)
I love the little cardigan you are are knitting for your wedding (next week if I got it well?), it looks very gracious; you've been very brave to start anew when you were not absolutely convinced by the result! Congratulations for next week then, have a very nice day and best wishes to you :-)

M. (from Switzerland)