Friday, 26 July 2013

Something Old

I just wanted to take a minute to share with you the story of my wedding head dress.


I was so lucky to be able to wear this beauty. It belonged to my Great-Great-Grandmother and here she is wearing it on her wedding day in 1905 (a bit of a grainy picture - but you can tell she looks grand right - and you can see the flowers on her head)

After this it was split in half to make two half bands and here you can see my Great-Grandmother on her wedding day wearing that (she is in the middle with the flowers). The other half went to canada - i wonder if it is still there?

Next my Nanny wore it - here she is with Granddad on their wedding day - exactly 56 years before mine and Rich's wedding - 8th June 1957.

And here is my mum and dad - and the headdress as well. She made her own dress too - I think similar to mine with a simple silk dress with lace layered over.

And here we are- 2013

 photo SAM_0270_zps91c2f38f.jpg

We had do do a little renovation work to get it ready for me to wear. My mum had done a good job of attaching it to her veil, but as i decided not to have a veil afterall it needed a bit of strengthening to be sure it would fit and stay on my head all day. I found some little paper flowers too to help make it look a little healthier. But I think still going strong for over 100 years of weddings.

What a lucky charm.



Catherine Clarke said...

Such a lovely story! Mum would like me to wear it as well I think! (I have my dress by the way eeek! I chickened out of making it!). Hope you are well xxx

Alison said...

So lovely!

What an amazing story! xx

Emilia said...

Catherine - that's so exciting about your dress!!!!! I want to know everything (but i know it is nice to keep it a secret) have you set a date now? And yes - you should definitely wear this headdress if you would like to - it would be lovely for it to get some more wear this century! xxx