Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mod Maternity

So now i am getting quite a big tummy as the baby grows and grows! I am enjoying having a nice round tummy - although there are some bad points, one of these being that i am down to about 5 dresses i can actually wear!

My waist seemed to fill out quite early which ruled out all of my skirts (eek). And even a couple of my empire line dresses i thought would be a good bet are not really so comfortable anymore. But luckily i have this pattern to resort to - my trusty tent dress!

Stylish and practical for this time!!

I found this lovely check fabric i thought would make a nice change for me too:


And although i normally steer clear of high necks, I included the funnel collar for a bit of a change for me - i was feeling quite radical with this project! (perhaps i was a little bit influenced by the cover of August vogue)
I found these good buttons in my jar which finished it off nicely (my buttons holes need a little practice though i think!)



And here i am in all my maternal glory (and there is my wedding dress in the background - lovely dress)


Wonderful to have a new dress! I'm happy about that - if not quite scruffy after my dressmaking day...


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