Thursday, 1 July 2010

Stitch Yourself - Little One's adventures

Last night was the Stitch Yourself night at the museum. There was an update from Stitch London earlier in the week and  it was so great to see what was going on behind the scenes. There were so many little people! I looked hard for Little One so i could know that she had arrived safely, but i couldn't see her yet. i was encouraged that the faces were all friendly though.

Last night was the night of the event. I wasn't able to go there but  i was eager to see what was going on  and was lucky that I was able to follow the evening on the Stitch London Twitter page.

There were lots of pictures there. Here is the exhibition all set up. It looks so grand!
They said there were over 250 little people there. i saw a naked one.

It was fun to look through the gallery, and i was really happy when i was able to see Emilia there. She looks like she is having a wonderful adventure...
On the train with her identity tag and new friends.
can you spot her hanging out with all the friends. that's good she is fitting in.

I am so pleased she is safe and having a good time.
Big Emilia. xx

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