Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Spreading some scrunchie joy

Yesterday was a good day for finishing off some ongoing projects. The first was only small one - I was asked to make a gold scrunchie (yes - gold scrunchie) for a lady at work. she has a very formal wedding in Switzerland to attend (i repeat - gold scrunchie) so i know what you are thinking, but actually i think i am going to champion the scrunchie this summer.

here is the finished product which can be used to acheive a variety of very fashionable styles.

Top - Bottom: Bun, Ponytail, Detailed close up

In the end she decided she wanted two, one little and one large. I liked the small one as i felt it really looked pretty around a bun.

they were made using gold ribbon, a fat piece, and then a thinner shimmery strip to add another dimension. this was attached using something i discovered from the aggressive woman at the haberdashery - Wonderweb. it is like bondaweb, but comes in a long strip like a ribbon will be really good for holding together long thin things, like hems. it doesn't have backing paper though, so you have to get everything lined up to perfection, but i think this was no bad thing. i don't think it is meant to be a substitute for stitching though, so also machined along the edges with golden thread. i should add, this was all a lot of trial and error.

maybe i will also bring back the popular long pony tail in a scrunchie style of my junior school years. or just wear it round my wrist - that was cool.

Or maybe this...

And the best part is that i will be paid for my efforts with real swiss chocolates! a good little earner that.

Yours inspiredly, Child of the Nineties xxx

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