Monday, 2 August 2010

Crocheting a collar

This weekend I have been very much enjoying crochet and building on the skills i developed during my flower making.

I found this pattern for a lace collar. i like those as a little project. this one is really simple as only requires knowledge of chain stitching, single crochet and double crochet stitches. Easy and pretty. And very addictive.

Here you can see all the attempts
To begin with i was a bit confused though as wasn't sure if the pattern was in English or American (because i think the author of the pattern is Canadian) and so instead of making single and double stitches, i was making double and treble stitches (as with the lilac and peach versions) it all seemed to work out and did look pretty but didn't lay very flat and on closer inspection of the picture i realised my error. 

my third attempt was a triumph.

it was a pretty one for a birthday present for mum

I am pleased to be learning a new skill. i am working up to this little project which Eleanor gave me the pattern for as a birthday gift.

 "If you're running late with no time to mess with your hair, or you ride a motorbike to work, this snood is for you. Keeps shoulder length (or longer) hair in place and gives a finished look. Leave it on and no one needs to know you're having a bad hair day."

Yours hooked,
Emilia. x


d e b b i e said...

beautiful collars...a project i would like to try in the future! Also, I can't wait to see you with your hair holder x

GlitterKnitter said...

i saw your comment on the collar designer's blog and had to check yours out.. i love the colors you used! it's amazing how you go from casual to classy with the change of the brooch or pin. aren't these addicting??

GlitterKnitter said...

oh, and what a cool vintage pattern for a present!! if you don't mind my asking, do you know where the gift giver found this?

Emilia said...

Hello there - i saw yours too. it is nice to see what others are doing. it is a gem of a pattern. do you do a lot of crochet? i am just starting but have high hopes!

I think the pattern for the snood came from etsy... but if you do a google search for 'crochet snood' a lot of things come up so you might be able to find one that way. i hadn't ever seen one before but it seems they were quite a popular garment! Let me know if you create one... and if you find occasion to wear it!