Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Bank Holiday Bikes and Hikes

The bank holiday was a gem. work was hard today though.

On Saturday Rich and I were the mechanics! we got our hands dirty fixing Ruby's puncture, and drank lots of tea in the street while we did it. It was fun, and a good day's work for a Saturday. I wore my trousers and Rich said i was like Charlene from Neighbours (but i think he meant because i looked like a mechanic and commenting on my resemblance to the teenage Kylie Minogue). The puncture is mended, but i fear that we broke the gears whilst trying to take the wheel off... poor Ruby. I have taken her in out of the weather for a while until she is in good working order.

Also that morning the curtains fell down and we went up the ladder and fixed them. We were like the DIY dream team.

On Sunday the weather was dull, but this meant a good one for some austere dressmaking. Unfortunately i ran out of thread before finishing, so will save news of this for a later date... but here is a clue:

I want every dress to be black from now on.

Monday (bonus day!)
Yesterday  i went on an outing with some of my friends to Arundel. That is such a lovely village with a Castle and Cathedral and a very grand park with a big valley and amazing views. I really enjoyed that bit. Also Yumi showed me the City News which had mine and Ruby's picture in from bike week (can you see us!)

There are also some photos here on their website, including one of Yumi.

yours famously,

Emilia. xx

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