Friday, 6 August 2010

Show and Tell

This has been a busy week for me. I was asked to help make some cushions for a printing shop in Lewes. My friend Chrissy works there and the lady who normally does their sewing has gone on holiday for a little while. That has kept me busy! The designs all varied as the shop takes orders and you can go in and ask for what ever you like. Eleanor wants one with a fold cat on it so i will have to ask about that. I would have a mouse. The best ones i did were some which will be sold in the shop which and say 'no place like home' and are a nice style. If you buy one you will know who made it!
me with the finished products
It is nice to do a bit of moew professional sewing, although it is much more stressful than just making the dress for me. But it gives me a nice feeling of satisfaction and I was very pleased that I was asked to do that. I think i did a good job.

In other news i have my mind full of new things to try out. i have a friend called Marian at work who has done some quilting before and has told me how to go about it and showed me the book. i think a quilt will be a lovely project for winter. I can sit under it while i sew it! I like to look at all the pictures of them as they are so beautiful and amazing. Yesterday Marian took me to a shop in Lewes which is a specialist shop for quilting. The fabrics there are wonderful - i think i might even go there for dresses when i want a treat. The lady showed us around. she had made an amazing quilt - so big and colourful. i am not sure of my design yet, but i have found a lovely website with a lot of inspiring pictures. These are the ones i like most so far.

Marian says you can make one in an afternoon- but maybe that is only a small and simple one. i want to make a big spectacular one. I think it will be a long-term project but i think that will be the nicest way to do it. I am so excited to make the design and buy the materials.

Since my collars i have also been thinking a lot about crochet. it really is a satisfying hobby. I  have a dream of a crochet dress (not hippy style - something tightly stitched and structured in shape) but although i have done a sample and worked out my stitches, my lack of experience makes me a little nervous to start a garment without a pattern. There was a lady at Stitch and Beach last night who was doing a lovely little bit of crochet. perhaps she will be able to advise me.

Until then i will be on google images looking at these beauties (and more!)

These ones are Chanel from the ss2010 collection
Dolce and Gabana crochet pants!

I like this outfit Twiggy has

Works in Progress
As well as all my imaginary projects, i also have some real life ones. The baby cardigan is almost finished now so more on that at another time. I have also started a lacy knit cardigan using the Colinette yarn i bought a little while ago. It is colourway called 'Banwy' and the yarns are a mixture of Art and Skye - both aran-ish weight. I am making a chunky lacy cardigan.
Here is a sample
It's hard to tell, but it looks quite nice.

Busily yours,
Emilia. xxx


Yumi said...

good cushions emily!
and those dresses are crocheted? it looks like crochet is in fashion!!

Emilia said...

hi yumi - yes - we are very fashionable for being able to crochet i think. i am not sure about the black dress, but have seen some other pictures of the chanel catwalk show and there is lots of crochet there. have you ever made something to wear from crochet? i think i will need a pattern before i try. i saw a great book in c&h which had a lot of lovely different crochet stitches. i didn't buy it though. i just bought more wool for knitting with...