Friday, 1 October 2010

A project for October

Today it is the start of October and my mind is thinking of the projects which will be lovely for the changing seasons. The last of my summer knitting is nearing completion now (it is in construction stage - so more on this soon) and my mind is wandering off to more woolly delights for the cold days ahead.

I really like all the cream aran cardigans i see around and think this is something i would really like to attempt. Yumi has been knitting a scarf as a present for her dad. it is called a toyboy scarf, and has some cable twists in it and it looks so lovely. i am very much inspired to make the leap and learn the techniques!

I have never done cabling before, so I am going to keep my first attempt nice and simple. I have drawn my preliminary design which is mostly stocking stitch, but has a bit of cabling at the front to get me started. Maybe twists or plaits would look nice there.

here is my vision. i enjoy the imagining stage.

 this will be similar to the effect i'd like to see - maybe less mauve lipstick
I have ordered the wool (it was payday and i couldn't hold back) - it is some aran and the colourway is called dark jacob. I hope it will be a good one for this project.

my picture has pixelated a little with enlargement, but you can see the colours

I was pleased to see some cable knits in Prada's A/W 2010 collection. And also some evidence of blended yarns. I like it when high fashion accommodates my hobbies.

i like this blue cardigan - far left

I think i could recreate the look with this wool from a new range by Colinette. Perhaps when i am more confident of cabling skills.

I wonder if Muiccia Prada likes Colinette too

yours autumnally,
Emilia. x

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d e b b i e said...

I have almost finished my short sleeved summer jumper so am also looking for winter projects.
Wool shopping this afternoon i think.