Sunday, 17 October 2010

Lucky Buttons

Sometimes when i'm walking along i find a button. This means a good thing because it makes me feel like i have some good luck (like if i found a penny). Sometimes i'm lucky enough to pick up two in a day and i call it a two button day. If i ever say it, it means it's a good one. Quite recently when i was in Eastbourne i had a three button day. my heart beat quite fast.

So imagine how i felt about seeing this little lot in my path.

there are 21 of them

I was very excited. i can't really imagine where they came from. some look new, but some look like they have some thread in them so must have come from a shirt or a dress. it's a mystery to me, but i think a very good sign of fortune. and so far the sun has shone.

I like this time of year because soon i'll be finding all the lovely big buttons that have fallen off of coats and winter cardigans. Those are the nicest ones.

Yours in good fortune.
Emsy xxxx

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