Sunday, 26 December 2010

Not Just For Christmas

Now it is boxing day! this is hard to believe. i spent quite a lot of christmas day asleep because of my cold. but it was a lovely time all the same.

And now i can tell you about a small bit of knitting i did for a christmas present for Rich (it was a secret so as not to ruin the surprise) since the christmas of 2008, i now keep handmade christmas presents to a minimum (that was a very stressful time, and i still ended up buying far too much) but it is nice to do one or two little things.

 This is tofu. He is a dachshund that i have knitted. i think a dachshund is the perfect animal for Rich because they have a similar sort of a face. That is the friendly face but a bit like a scamp.

 here is Richard
 here is a dachshund at a similar angle to show you what i mean

I found this pattern on etsy from a lady called Rebecca Danger. This was really good as that day i was snowed in and this was a good project for me. Also good things are that the pattern is so cute and also the exchange rate is such that this was a real bargain. and she was very quick to email me with the pattern too.

here are the originals, i thought this looked like a lovely one to make. 

Now today i think is a day of rest and recuperation before some more eating this evening. I am nearing completion of my snow day jumper now - not quite in time for christmas - but i am going to make the most of boxing day telly to get in some quality knitting time (i hope there are some comedy christmas specials).

Yours merrily,
Emirry. xxx

ps. i have got a new camera now so maybe the quality of my photography will improve (but maybe it is not that simple?!)

ps. i have also got some new mice!

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