Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Now it is December

Today we had a lot of snow in my neck of the woods. it disrupted my journey home quite badly last night and left me with not enough time for steaming my christmas pudding before bedtime. Luckily though today i left work early due to transport concerns and finished the mixing.

i am not sure if this looks appetising or not. it smelled very good though! 

Now it is steaming and only has fifteen minutes left. Because i reduced the amounts to make a 2 pint pudding, i am only steaming it for 4 hours rather than 5 (Nigella suggests this is appropriate). Then it will only (only!) need another 3 hours on the day of consumption!

There was a nice twist of fate this week too which meant that i got a sixpence in my change (i am not sure where from though and think probably it was magicked into my purse) and so i cleaned it in a bit of ketchup and wrapped in foil and mixed it in. Whoever finds that will have good fortune (unless they don't notice until it is too late!)

In other news, I did put last night to good use and managed to finish a wooly boble hat to match my shawl scarf. i thought that was a very good use of my time, and it certainly kept me warm today.

photo quality =very poor, but it is cable knit and i used the same pattern as on my cardigan.

Also it is December and the month of chocolates for breakfast. i have two advent calendars and this morning got a chocolate reindeer in one, and a funsize pack of maltesers in the other. i like this month already!

Now i must check on my pudding, but I will leave you with this nice picture my sister took of some gulls on the church roof. little bit of snow there!

Yours feeling christmasy,
Emilia. xxxx

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