Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow day, Knit day

This was the scene for me when i woke up this morning:

everything looks so soft

And so there is no work for me today. i like it when there is a bit os disruption like this. Especially when it is early in the morning and I can snooze.

And also it means i can spend the whole day doing some knitting and not feel guilty. Let me introduce my latest project:

My mum has knitted one of these and it has been on my agenda for a little while. I thought it was time to commit myself to follow a pattern and so this one is called Lombard from the Nostalgia section of Rowan book number 44. There are a few good patterns there! I have decided to use the same colour as she is pictured in here which is called Eau de Nil. I would like to have it ready to wear over christmas but this might be a bit ambitious especially as it is a busy time. I am hoping that today will give me a good head start though (and maybe tomorrow too, weather permitting!)

Yours making the most of adverse conditions,
Emilia. xxx


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