Sunday, 10 July 2011

Birthday Cakes!

Today it is my birthday! and so what better occasion for eating loads of cake (also it is Rich's birthday tomorrow so it really is necessary to do some baking and icing)

I have had this cupcake stand since christmas but not yet used it. It was good to save it for this time though - what joyful celebratory treats to behold!

I made three whole batches so have a good variety - lemon, chocolate chip and marshmallow and almond cakes. we ate all the spares yesterday just to be sure they were good enough. they were.

Also i got myself some little plates for the day - the perfect size for a little cake! (and my mum says they are very old so perhaps much birthday cake has been enjoyed from these ones)

And if all this wasn't enough, a small cake from cake master mummy - orange and poppy seed!

I have been treated this morning with breakfast and presents and lunch and tea, and now off for some music for the afternoon. What a very lovely day for me.

Yours, a year older now,
Wise old Baker. xxx

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