Friday, 22 July 2011


I am very pleased to announce the completion of my mint green cable beaut...

The cabling is also on the back of the shoulders - here is a close up.

I am really pleased with this one as I had drawn the pattern using my measurements and instructions from my knit design book (as well as a little inspiration from topshop) and it has worked out really so well! Such a good fit - although perhaps a little long in the arm.

 pleased! thank you Deb for these sweet birthday hairslides.

I had quite a lot of trouble towards the end of this project because the button bands proved quite an ordeal. Because I had used reverse stocking stitch, it was really impossible to pick up stitches to knit the band horizontally - although I did have a few attempts. In the end though I decided to cable some bands and sew them on. They are curling back a bit at the moment, but hopefully with wear this will sort itself out. and with the buttons done up i am really pleased! I think Kirchhoff would be proud!

Also I am pleased because today we have some blue sky. I am on holiday from work at the moment so it's not so good to have rain - although it has meant I have managed some home improvements on indoor days. Now we have curtains in our bedroom (very floral curtains! but Rich says he doesn't mind. at least it's what he says)

And you can see from the picture that the sky today is blue - so now we are going out for a picnic and beach afternoon. That's much more like it! Good excuse to wear my new sunglasses....


Hopefully there will be lots more show and tell from these few weeks off. 

Yours restfully,
Minty. xxxx

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