Saturday, 30 July 2011

Happy Secret Birthday Present

This month was Richard's birthday. He was 32. I decided I would like to knit for him a cardigan as we have been buying a lot of things since we moved in, and also because I think it is a special gift if you spend your time to make it especially.

Since I made my raspberry pink cardigan, Rich has been much more happy with the idea of a hand knitted item so I picked out a simple raglan pattern and got some Dark Grey Rowan Cashsoft 4 ply (lovely and soft merino wool, cashmere and nylon blend) and set out to some secret knitting!!

I think I have left the pattern in my drawer at work so can't show you it now but it was a vintage gem - nice and seventies, but just the right one - a raglan 4 ply.

It was a bit of a task only knitting when he wasn't about. I was so pleased with myself that even though we live together and work together and often spend time together, I managed to complete this project without his ever knowing!

I ordered some brown leather buttons to finish off. This was Fred Perry's idea - not really mine. A good idea Fred!

And here he is modeling the finished result. I had been comparing the size with his clothes as I went along and think it payed off. I was pleased it was a good fit and looks so nice.

He is pleased about it too.

Yours secretively,
Emilia. xxxx

and Richard.

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