Friday, 17 February 2012

So soft

Hello and look at this real triumph. I am so pleased to be able to show you my finished angora vintage style cardigan. and even more pleased to be able to wear it now!

i took this picture myself
so soft! (i think in this picture i am surprised by the softness)

 Here it is - so splendid. i love wearing it so much - it feels like such a luxury.

I am not sure if i fully rectified my initial tension problems as had to buy an extra ball of wool to finish off,  and one arm does seem to have come out a bit bigger than the other. but i'm sure it'll sort itself out after some wearing (the same with my wonky bands!)

It is so nice to have finished a project in just a few weeks. I think it was good for me to be using some DK as it seems really fast after a lot of 4ply knitting. And i really liked the pattern because I enjoyed not having to sew up at the end (just a couple of very short seams under the arms and sewing on the bands) and another nice thing about knitting it in once piece was that it was very pleasing to watch the progress. The rows were very long at times though - the longest i've ever seen i think - but it was all in all a very enjoyable knit indeed. I think one i will definitely do again.

what a fluffy delight!

Yours softly,
Emilia. xxx

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