Monday, 13 February 2012


Hello and here i am. nothing from me since january - but i have been busy, not just lazy. all will be revealed!

For now though, here is just a little peek of a small project.

It has been soooo cold recently that i was really spurred on to make myself a new hat. My old bobble hat was looking a little sorry for itself so I used some of the leftover mohair from my blanket (bit of a forehead itch, but it is worth it for the warmth!) and set about creating a warming headpiece.

I based the pattern on one i found in my vintage knitting book - so it is sort of a beret. but not quite. but i like it because it's like a nice fuzzy bowl.
Here i am - warm head.

It is a nice feeling to put some of my wool stash to good use. i used the last of this one on the bobble!


It seems today is a little more mild - perhaps it will be spring soon?

Yours insulated head,
Emilia. xxx

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d e b b i e said...

another triumph dear! so cute!

I've just posted about this funny Liebster award thing ( and have chosen your blog as one of my 5!!!

Lovely x