Wednesday, 15 February 2012

wrapped and ready

It is nice to finally have a little breather to be able to catch up with my blogging. I have a few days off work now so hope i can bring you right up to date.

Today i bring news of another linton fabric project - the lightweight bottle green wool crepe. I said in my previous post that I wasn't sure how i was going to use this fabric - it was a just a piece i bought because it was on offer (and a bargain), and it's good to buy in bulk from Linton Direct to feel like you make the most of the postage costs. I knew i would find a good project, but i was still waiting for inspiration...

And then it hit - during a binge of Jane Austen film adaptations! To be exact the Keria Knightly Pride and Prejudice and the Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma. Both films have such gorgeous costumes and Keira in particular had a couple of wrap around dresses that i thought would be a lovely to make.

the inspiration dresses -although not such good shots of keira

It was a bit of pot luck drawing my pattern as i really wasn't sure about where the line should be or at what angle. Many considerations. I thought i would just go for it though and then make up a toile to help clarify these issues. it is much easier to see where adaptations need to be made once you have a fabric version rather than trying to tell from the piece of paper.

i made the pattern with some newspaper - you can see a few crossings out from my moments of uncertainty.

But i must have been doing something right - or just good luck - the toile was just about perfect! (except i sewed one of the darts inside out)

And here is my finished product. I am sometimes a little nervous that my fastenings will fail me (a bit like with my wrap around skirts) but am really very pleased with it. I think i will be using this pattern again for sure. A lovely one for summer too. and perhaps a version with little sleeves will be a treat.

oops- a bit of a blur!

I hope you can make out the crossover. I finished with a bit of black binding to tie a bow at the side, and a button. i like embellishments. It's a shame those things are blurred out in my photography... op.

Yours in bottle green dream,

Emilia. xxx

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