Saturday, 31 March 2012

Mist Cardigan

I have been getting on quietly with my knitting, and really happy that my little recycling project is now complete!

The wool was quite distorted from having been knitted before, it had lost some of it's fluff and was more stretched and spindly than when it was new and so i had to treat it more like DK than Aran as it had originally been. This knitting is much tighter than before and so the wool didn't go quite as far (and also because i lost some in the unpicking process) but i think it means the colours are more blended and i had the perfect amount for this little short sleeved cardigan -a very economical pattern.

I love the collar! i think i will have to make more collared cardigans.

I have already started my next project which has a lot in common with this one! more soon!

Also i have joined in with pinterest. i am enjoying that a lot - what a good idea.

Yours another knit knitted,
Emilia. xxx

ps. i have also got three new friends - i will try to show them to you soon, but they are very small and quick.

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