Friday, 9 March 2012

Spring collection from Linton

After my very busy costume making times, i was a little worried i might get dressmaking withdrawal (this is a true reason) and so decided it was definitely time to treat myself to a little bit more linton fabric. This is so exciting for me!

I have to admit i was a little bit impulsive, but it was only because I saw this amazing herringbone fabric:

I loved it so much and didn't want it to all be sold before i came back to it so just decided i would have to buy some immediately.

But then there is the problem that i do like to buy my fabrics in batches (because of the postage factor really. and the wow factor when i open the parcel) I had a sample of this blue and cream fabric which i thought would be lovely for a spring dress. It's so luminescent and beautiful colours, i think it will make a gem.

I thought also that it would be nice to try to find something a little summery (it was a lovely sunny day last weekend) and found this cream and ecru cotton fabric. I still have in mind the Coco Chanel philosophy on black and white (but nervous of true white!). It does look plain I know, but as ever the drape is perfect and there's such a lovely quality to it, I am really happy i chose it. It looks woolier in the picture than it is in real life - i think it's quite suitable for a summer dress. I only hope i am able to make such a light coloured garment i love to wear.

I had an email from linton tweeds. it is their 100th birthday and so they are celebrating with a photo album on their website and on their facebook page for people to send in pictures of things they've made with their fabrics. Maybe you will spot me in there! I am enjoying seeing all the pictures as they appear. I think my items are quite casual compared with the others - i think a lot of best dresses are made with linton fabrics- there's even a linton wedding dress!

also i am very excited about a mousey development.

Yours ready for a little dressmaking this weekend,
Emilia. xx

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