Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pin tucks and button holes

Another term of dressmaking has begun tonight so i must show you what i achieved last term with my spring term project - my chiffon blouse.

Let me remind you of my original imagining:

And here is the result:

I am really pleased with all the new things i learnt. Although i have made costume blouses before, it was quite different making this blouse for real life wear.
  • Welt seams (probably not the best choice with this fabric, but pleased to incorporate a new technique!)
  • Peter pan collars (properly faced and finished)
  • Button holes - my sewing machine is capable of automatic buttonholes - this was a real revelation.
  • Cuffs and sleeve openings. On the costume blouses the openings were in the sleeve seam, but I learnt how to construct and finish them properly.
  • Pin tucks (i did these here before i did the lilac blouse for the show)
A really good term i'd say! And i am really pleased to have a new blouse. And one that fits so well - with shoulder seams on my shoulders and sleeves the perfect length!

I am keen to make a version of this blouse in silk next - now that i am more confident with what is involved, and that my pattern is a goodun. And perhaps a couple of sleeveless cotton versions for the 
summer. Hurruh!

Tonight i went back to evening classes for my final term and started to draw out an easy fit jersey block. i think i want to make a cardigan and have found some lovely jersey fabrics online. but perhaps i should start basic until i am confident.

Yours buttoned up,
Emilia. xxx

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Catherine Clarke said...

Wow you are very talented! I love it!