Monday, 2 April 2012

Diamonds are forever

I am really pleased with this dress i made from some of my new spring fabric.

I love this diamond pattern so much.

standing up straight (the dress doesn't have sleeves - i am just wearing a vest)

I was having a bit of a brain dead day when i decided to embark on this project and cut out my pattern pieces in a very strange way. it meant that my skirt ended up a tiny bit shorter then i would have liked and my diamonds don't really match at all. I was quite annoyed with myself at the time as this fabric is so amazing, ad i wanted the dress to be perfect too, but as ever, time is a healer and I am starting to forget those gripes and really love this now.

I want to make another linton dress in time for easter, but i am running out of time i fear! Perhaps good friday will be a good sewing day. wait and see!

Yours diamond light,
Emilia. xx


Yumi said...

very pretty emily!

Emilia said...

Yumi! i hope you are well - this is so exciting that Deb is visiting you! xxx