Monday, 30 April 2012


Last weekend it was time to repot my tomatoes. They have come a long way in the last few weeks

I only got 3 plants from my 5 seeds, and one is quite small so i've put her in the middle to help a bit. I got this big trough for them so i hope it will be enough space for them. 

Now i just have to wait for some fruits!

the plants are in front - but this does just look like a picture of the houses across the road!

Also i am really pleased because my wax plant has blossomed. i love these little flowers so much. so so pretty:

And this evening my mum gave me a piece of her moth orchid - there are no signs of flower stems yet but i would love to see that bloom.

yours blooming marvellously,
Emilia. xxx

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Alexis said...

i haven't seen a wax plant since i was a kid! we had one in my family home, and i LOVED the blossoms, their aroma, and their sweet nectar.
i'm totally going to try to find one for my home now too.