Saturday, 28 April 2012

My Dieppe Dress

A couple of weeks ago Rich and I went on a trip to Dieppe. I decided this was a very good occasion for a new dress, and the perfect oppertunity to use my blue linton tweed

This fabric sort of reminds me a bit of some of the under the sea inspired items from Chanel's spring/summer show so i thought a very good choice for our sea voyage.

I decided one of the objectives of the trip was to eat a lot of baguette and cheese and so i decided an easy fit style would be best (also for optimum comfort whilst travelling) I used my easy fit block and cut in a V neck and moved the shoulder dart to create a french dart (what else?) 

Here i am in the finished product - with mouse!

I had a bit of a glitch at the neck line when sewing in the facing as the weave of the fabric is quite large and i got one of the warp threads caught up which has created a bit of a distortion. I am a bit worried about making it worse though so hoping it will stretch into place with time. for the time being i can just keep my cardigan on! 

and here i am ready for the voyage

I am really pleased with this one. I love the fabric so much and it really is so comfy.

This morning i have been enjoying catching up on my blogs and found this post and all the comments about the proportion of clothes home-seamstresses aim to make very interesting. My hand making challenge is going well i feel - i am not missing shopping at all and i think not having the shops to fall back on is really helping me be more careful in my sewing and making every piece count.

Yours blue bell,
Emilia. xx


d e b b i e said...

Look at this emily:

'the great british sew-off' maybe x

Emilia said...

wow - how grand it would be to be on a show! a sewing show! xx

Missy said...

Very nice - and I love that little mouse!!