Saturday, 7 July 2012

Diamonds are forever

Hello there,

It has been a long break for me from my blog - a whole month at least has passed. I have been up to much though - drawing patterns (for bridesmaids dresses - have i mentioned this? more news on this exciting project to follow!) finishing my dressmaking course (sad about that - but will show my final project as soon as i have finished sewing the buttons on to it) and found a little time for some other bits and bops. I think the main problem has been that i've started lots of things but not really finished anything...

... until today!

My diamond cardigan is complete!

 The front

the back has diamonds too
it is a good fit for me

I am pleased that my design worked out nicely. I used a couple of different lace designs from my knitting stitches book - one you can see for the main panels, and one i used for the cuffs and button bands. Both incorporated diamonds and moss stitch so really went well together.

I am pleased with the wool too. it was peter pan DK which is not at all expensive, but nice and soft, and i have over two balls left over. this is good to know for future projects.

I have a long summer break coming up soon and more time in the evenings now that my evening class has finished so I hope to complete some more things soon to show.

Catch up soon,

Emilia. xxxx

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Catherine Clarke said...

Very pretty! I like it very much! You are so clever, my knitting skills envy yours! xx