Monday, 28 May 2012

Robe d'été

Now the sun is shining and it is the season of summer dresses! I bought some fabric quite a while ago but just waiting for the right time!

I created this dress pattern based on one of my nighties and really pleased how well it worked out - my first attempt at a yoke design.

At the moment I am seeing if i can create some patterns in standard sizes to maybe be able to make some items to sell in my shop (i am not a very attentive shop keeper i fear!) I was pleased with this one so maybe a good start!

But for now i am mostly focussing my attention on enjoying the weather while it lasts. icecream anyone?

Yours summerly,
Emily. xx

here i am with the tomatoes - an update is due on those - they are massive and with small tomato bobbles now!

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