Monday, 21 January 2013

Bridesmaids made

Hello there, hello then,

Here i am!

I decided to come back - after SUCH a long break from my blog. The last couple of months were quite busy with bridesmaid's dressmaking - too much doing and not enough writing! I feel like this is rather a massive leap since my last post - so much missed. But Jess' wedding was a spectacular event, and the dresses were such a triumph - i was so proud to have been given such a role in the celebrations.

I was a bit silly not to take any photos of them myself, but the pro wedding pictures are back, and here we all are captured beautifully (i like this picutre!):

And doesn't Jess look a beautiful bride!

This was a dressmaking feat and a half for me, but i am so pleased i was able to do it. I was quite nervous the night before the wedding - the responsibility of the task hit me! But once we were all dressed i was much better. And with the stoles and gloves i think the effect was wonderful.

And there will some more exciting projects coming up for me, but for now i am enjoying the completion of this grand project, and a small time of rest for me and my sewing machine (but not for long!)

Happy new year, and nice to see you again. And see you soon (it's a resolution)

Lots of love,
Emilia. x

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d e b b i e said...

emily! you're back! grand.
these dresses are so wonderful! x