Saturday, 26 January 2013

In stitches

I enjoyed making my new year's resolutions last year and am pleased that I kept them in mind for the whole year. I am particularly pleased i managed to go a whole year without buying a single item of clothing (just some tights) and also pleased that i managed a recycled project and a half and also a fairisle knit. The only challenge I didn't manage to complete (I know there were only four of them!) was progress with my cross stitch (the short story of this project can be found here). However, I am keen to make this a priority project this year, now that Rich and I have booked our WEDDING and 2013 will be our wedding year (!!!!), I think that this would be a lovely thing to complete in commemoration.

Here is a little update of my progress so far (2010 - present) The space in the middle is for some words, and there is also a place for my name and the date so there is lots of ways to make it a meaningful momento.

sampler jan131

And it will be a good chance to develop my patience and commitment. Essential wife skills! 

Yours embroiderly,
Emilia. xxxxx


Catherine Clarke said...

You didn't buy any clothes for a whole year, that's very impressive! I think you have more than enough wife skills already, the cross stitch is going to look lovely xx

Emilia said...

I hope so! i was amazed at how quickly you did your cakes cross stitch so am inspired! My dressmaking year was a great experience for me - but i don't seem to be able to break the habit - i feel a bit lost in the shops now. I am sure the floodgates will open soon though!! :) xxx