Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snow Jumper

Now i have a few projects to catch up on in my interim, so i will start with a little bit of knitting i did last autumn.

One of my new year's resolutions for 2012 was to do some fairisle knitting, and in the summertime I found the perfect pattern - this black and white beauty in Debbie Bliss magazine 7 fall/winter 2011.

fairisle jumper knit4

At the time i saw this i had never seen fairisle in just black and white - although i have seen a few examples since. 

To give you an idea, i did quite a lot of this knitting while watching the olympics! That does seem a long time ago indeed. But it was quite a lot later in the year that i finally finished:

fairisle jumper knit2

Although it does look like a tricky one, it was actually quite easy to knit. Each row was very straightforward and so taking it one at a time and watching the design grow from that was a treat. The hardest part really was keeping my wools from getting too tangled and twisted.It has been a gem this winter - that fairisle adds a bit of warmth - very good for cold weather days. And rather topical at this snowy time.

Yours snug in a rug,
Emily. xx

fairisle jumper knit1

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